About company

Company Yablochny Spas was founded in 2000 by a group of likeminded people that had decided to revive traditions of manufacturing cider in Russia. Cider is an ideal drink for manufacturing in Russia and it was undeservedly forgotten in Soviet times.

We wanted to change this radically and started with research and setting up the technology. We visited England (Somerset), Normandy and, of course, Spain ? Asturias and Basque Provinces. At the same time we analyzed carefully Russian apple sorts. To our great disappointment, we didn?t have sorts of cider selection in our country at all, despite of lots of table sorts. So the first task was defined ? the selection of relevant sorts. This problem was solved with Russian leading specialists and breeders. We established first Russian plant of cider manufacture in 2005. We see our main task to develop the culture of cider consumption in Russia. Cider is very good alternative of beer and alcoholic cocktails, it is tasty and healthy product.